God created all of us with an inherent need for community. It is in the context of meaningful relationships with other believers that we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25). Our LifeStage Connection Groups establish this kind of biblical community.

These groups meet in rooms across our campus at 9:30 am on Sunday and offer a life-on-life context to connect and grow. We desire our people to become a God-honoring family, applying the Word of God to their lives, serving each other and the community in which they live, and growing in maturity and number as others are brought into the fold of God (1 Peter 2:9-10).

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Designed for single, post high school adults through age 25. This group focuses on making right choices so you can build a strong future and having fun along the way.

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A connection group for single adults over the age of 25. This group focuses on establishing healthy relationships, and experiencing God’s unique design for your life.

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Young couples face many new and unique challenges.  This group for couples up to age 35 is intent on helping couples develop a passionate marriage, a peaceful home, and a balanced life.

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Centered on staying in love while establishing and raising a family, this group for couples in their 30s-50s focuses on being intentional in all of life’s relationships and staying totally committed.

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This great couples group is a chance to rediscover practical tools for keeping your marriage strong, your family united, and your friendships healthy after the age of 45.

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This group designed for those 55 and older, is for seniors who are ready to grow! Discover how to make a difference and leave a Godly legacy for the next generation to follow.




Stronger Marriages = Stronger Homes

Building strong marriages and families doesn’t happen by accident or default. Even as a well-built house must first have carefully designed blueprints, a strong foundation, and a competent builder. Even so, a strong marriage can only be the product of the blueprint of the Bible, the foundation of Jesus Christ, and the daily guiding hand of God’s Holy Spirit. Throughout the year we have many events and opportunities for you to build and strengthen your homes, and will teach the proven Bible principles for making your marriage a life-long and joyful relationship.